Rules and Regulations / Almaty 2020


World Content Market is an international market for television and digital content (further, MARKET).

Registration on the World Content Market is open to companies involved in production, distribution and broadcasting of audiovisual content; companies providing technical, publishing, financial and legal services in audiovisual industry, professional associations, organizations and government bodies involved in promotion of the audiovisual industry (further, “PARTICIPANT”).

This registration form allows professional mass media in television and digital content industry, if they provide the ORGANIZER with material about the MARKET published not later than 6 months before the MARKET starts (further PARTICIPANT), to register for the MARKET.

Organizer of the World Content Market

Planet Sunbeam Limited (далее, "ORGANIZER").
925a Europort, Gibraltar
Registered No. 90292 
Office: 85 Great Portland Street, First Floor
London, W1W 7LT, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 203 6036 430

Dates and venue

Market Address: InterContinental Hotel (Astana Hall), 181 Zheltoksan Street, Almaty, 050013, Kazakhstan

Registration opens: 3 November 2020: 9:00

Market Dates and Hours:
3 November 2020: 10:00-18:00 Market
4 November 2020: 10:00-18:00 Market

5 November 2020: Visits to the offices of key TV Channels - Nur-Sultan (ex- Astana) 


Registration is applicable only for those PARTICIPANTS, whose activities are corresponding to section “Terms” of present Registration Rules. ORGANIZER provides the PARTICIPANT with a number of services in accordance with chosen participation registration. 

By registering on the MARKET, the PARTICIPANT agrees with present Registration Rules and Data Policy use:

By registering on the MARKET, the PARTICIPANT agrees to consider and answer on business offers that he may receive from other participants by phone and by email.

ORGANIZER keeps the right to refuse PARTICIPANT in registration without explaining the reasons.

Market Guide and Database

Market Database is located:

The ORGANIZER provides the PARTICIPANT with a powerful online matchmaking database where the PARTICIPANT can submit information about the PARTICIPANT, its delegates, content, projects and services; do search of other PARTICIPANTS; set up meetings on the MARKET. The PARTICIPANT can submit and correct data in the MARKET database. The PARTICIPANT is responsible for accuracy and competence of the data.

The ORGANIZER is not responsible for data, provided by the PARTICIPANTS, but tries to ensure the reliability of the data. 

Only ORGANIZER can see the data (including Email) placed in the section “RESPONSIBLE FOR REGISTRATION”. The ORGANIZER may send registration confirmation, recovered login and password, and information letters to this Email.

Registered PARTICIPANTS can see data placed in sections “COMPANY” and “PARTICIPANTS”, including Emails (optional for PARTICIPANTS).

The ORGANIZER provides the PARTICIPANT with a search engine for reaching other participants and setting up meetings on the MARKET since 5 October 2020.

The ORGANIZER publishes the printed Market Guide and delivers it to all PARTICIPANTS during registration.

The Market Guide includes following data provided by the PARTICIPANT:


Data is published on English and Russian languages on condition if the PARTICIPANT submitted this data to the MARKET database.

Data submitted not later than 5 October 2020 will be published in the MARKET guide.

Additional information for exhibitors

Change of the venue of the World Content Market

In case of non-availability of the premises of the InterContinental Hotel, for extraordinary reasons or circumstances beyond the control of the Organizer (administrative measures or force major circumstances such as a war, strike, riot, government actions, revolution, and natural disasters), the Organizer can organize the World Content Market in another hotel, providing the Participant with the similar timing, participation and accommodation conditions.

Cancellation of the World Content Market

If the World Content Market is cancelled due to the Organizer’s fault or omission or due to the force major circumstances, the Participant will receive the participation fees based on the amount of the paid invoices collected by the Organizer at the time of the cancellation.