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18-20 February 2015
27-29 May 2015
6-8 October 2014

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World Content Market - Prague
18-20 February 2015
Hotel NH Prague, Prague (Czech Republic)
World Content Market - Moscow
27-29 May 2015
Hotel Metropol, Moscow (Russia)
World Content Market - Saint Petersburg
6-8 October 2014
Old Stock Exchange, Saint Petersburg (Russia)

Founded in 2008, the World Content Market - Prague is the first television and digital content market of the year in Europe where independent companies can launch new products, build brand awareness, generate acquisitions and sales, retain existing partners, and meet new prospects. Every year, over 1,000 decision-makers from more than 60 countries converge in Prague for three days of deal-making.

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Gathering 1500+ high level industry executives representing major and regional TV Channels, well established distribution and production companies from Russia and CIS and international companies from all over the globe, the World Content Market - Moscow is the premiere marketplace where you can do business with decision-makers involved in business in Russia and Russian-speaking countries.

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Acquisition Strategies

Stephanie Misar
Global Director, Digital Distribution
MHz Networks

"MHz Networks is a global media company specializing in presenting top-quality international television programming to American audiences. We've distributed and promoted international content throughout the U.S. for more than 20 years."

Sales Strategies

Lidiya Nesmachnaya
Chief Director

"3S is a very popular production studio in Ukraine, very well known for its own highly rating political talk shows. In 2013 we decided to develop further in different genres, so in Prague, we would like to introduce our new entertainment TV game show, called "The Guild".

Acquisition Strategies

Adel Sammakieh
Managing Director
Tele-Picture Promoters International S.A.

"We choose high quality programs with good contents that are at the same time desirable and appropriate to Middle East and North Africa Territories. We are interested in English speaking programs: Documentary, Animation, Light Entertainment, and TV Drama."

Sales Strategies

Robert Knjaz

"During the twenty years of experience in creating new and original TV formats, we managed to produce 15 highly successful TV programs."

Sales Strategies

Roxanne J. Barcelona
Vice President
GMA Worldwide Inc.

"GMA Worldwide's sales strategy works around four major initiatives. First, to constantly reinforce our relationships with existing clients in order to cultivate recurring business, foster mutual loyalty and maximize our joint investments."

Acquisition Strategies

Emina Mehmedovic
TV Rights Manager
Research & Media

"Research & Media is looking for quality TV program of different genre that will be liked by viewers in Balkan region."

Sales Strategies

Mario Castro
Director of Asia and Africa
Televisa Internacional
United States

"Televisa Internacional is always looking for new and strong business opportunities to expand our presence worldwide."

Sales Strategies

Benn Watson
Vice President International Distribution
GRB Entertainment

"Russian television is important to GRB Entertainment as it is a sophisticated market with a long appreciation for top-quality factual and scripted programming. For the World Content Market, GRB is offering buyers in St. Petersburg a sneak peek at our biggest releases ahead of MIPCOM."

Sales Strategies

Adeline Tormo
International Sales Manager
Gaumont Animation

"Since its creation in 1997, Gaumont Animation has become one of the leading producer and distributor of animated series and full length animation for children. Russia and CIS have always been key markets in our sales strategy."

Sales Strategies

Brian Sweet
Vice President of Sales
Shoreline Entertainment
United States

"Shoreline's extensive lineup of 300 feature films (and 1 TV series) is intentionally diverse so we have content to satisfy most distributors and broadcasters. Shoreline's films represent every genre: cast driven drama, comedy, horror, thriller, world cinema, Sci-Fi and even documentaries."

Sales Strategies

Maria Kivinen
Sales Executive
Yle, the Finnish Broadcasting Company

"Yle is Finland`s national public service broadcasting company and the number one platform and motivator for Finnish creativity. We are the leading producer of factual and cultural content, Finnish music programmes, children`s programmes, drama, news, current affairs programmes and regional services."

Business Strategies

Bachaev Adlan
Chechen State TV and Radio Company “Grozny”

"Taking into account that Chechen State TV and Radio Company “Grozny” is the major provider of video news and is one of the largest regional TV companies in Russia, adopting the strategy of expanded spectrum of creative products considers preferable and entails elaboration of new creative projects in order to keep its regular viewers and listeners as well as to attract new ones."

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